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Conference Time!

It’s MLA Conference next week.  I can’t promise I will be uber-present on my blog, though I will try to summarize daily events if I get the chance.

I’m presenting on Thursday night about Mentorship in the library profession.  If that doesn’t interest you, how about this: I can promise references to Bugs Bunny, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and Manatees – all in the same presentation.  Now you can’t wait, right?

The Economics of Summer Reading Programs

So, here’s a crazy idea.  I think that what MLA or the Michigan division of PLA needs to do is set up a deal with large Michigan companies for summer reading goodies.  Can you imagine ALL of Michigan public libraries going up to Kmart, Jiffy Mix, or Vernors or even some of the bigger museums in the state and saying “Hey, can you give us free products or swag or cool stuff from your museum store that we can give as prizes for summer reading?”

What a great way to bolster businesses and provide reminders of the things that are distinctly home-grown brands while also helping libraries boost summer reading.  Public libraries already work closely with community businesses, but large corporations are community businesses too.

Public library patrons are fiercely loyal (usually) and I’m pretty sure that a bit of free stuff would help improve sales in the long run for Michigan companies.

I would like to see MLA help member libraries in that way…let’s see what happens as this year moves towards a fresh batch of summer reading programs!

Personal Goals

So I’ve got some personal goals for my work on the MLA Membership Committee this year.  Please note, these are my own goals that may or may not be shared by the committee, but I’m just throwing them out there for you to view and tell me what you think.

1 – I want to increase MLA membership amongst new librarians.  I’ve noticed through informal polls I’ve done (usually at the bar) that most new librarians join ALA but dismiss MLA.  So long as they get that uber-cheap membership that allows dual membership to both, they do it.  But then once the student discount is gone, no more MLA membership.  We have to fix that.

2 – Which brings me to camaraderie.  Please see yesterday’s baseball post.  We need to do fun stuff that is not work related, people.  Have you been out with a group of librarians lately?  They are incredibly fun, as long as they are the cool ones.  Eventually we will cull the boring, uptight, overanxious ones from the herd.  (Or just sedate them with the help of our friend Al Cohol) We need to ensure that MLA membership means that there is fun stuff going on and that everyone knows about it.  And it has to happen by region, so that even those in the Upper Peninsula and the northern parts of the Lower Peninsula are in on it.

3- The membership website needs to be easier to use.  We really need to work on the ability to find sign up forms and so on.  You can’t join if you can’t find the form.

4 – Discounts.  When you join, you should get some cool discounts to vendors and stores and stuff.  If you could get a one time use coupon for 20% off office supplies or something, and maybe some other similar cool things, you’d really look twice at the value of membership wouldn’t you?  Well, I would!

Any thoughts on what you would want me to mention at upcoming Membership meetings?


I went to the Tigers vs. Kansas City Royals game on Saturday.  Two of the worst teams in the AL duke it out, and the Tigers lose 3-13 or something along those lines.  (I think I have forgotten most of the game in an attempt to maintain mental self-preservation).

Dear Royals:  Thank you for the master class in double plays.  I learned a lot but I have a funny feeling that the Tigers did not.

Dear Tigers: Nice try.  You’re still my team.  Please pull yourselves together.  There is no comfort to be found in the pitching department.  Don’t make me start yelling things at games.

BUT I DIGRESS: What the hell does it take to get a block of seats for the MLA at a Tigers game????  It’s a simple phone call, is it not? Next season people, we will be at a game.  And don’t you worry – I’m gonna get us on the big sign.  And we’re drinkin’ beer, and we’re eatin’ hot dogs, and if you have kids, bring them cuz we’re ALL going on the big baseball ferris wheel.  And when ESPN pans the crowd, they will see us, each holding up a giant letter to create this sign:  796.357 BASEBALL.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  And if we’re feeling really smarty-pants, we’ll throw in that whole @ YOUR LIBRARY thing.

In the meantime, do the whole ALA Step Up to the Plate @ your library contest.