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StartUp, Ownshelf, Helps People Share Their eBooks

I came across an article today on Mashable Startups about a new site called Ownshelf, which let’s people share ebooks with friends.

The terms of use of Ownshelf imply that the book must be in public domain in order be shared.

It will be interesting to see if people cross the line and share books regardless of copyright.

Have you tried it?  What do you think?


Check this out: http://bookseer.com/

A fun resource!  You won’t get any hits if you get the title even a tad wrong or misspell, however.  But that is certainly fair.

Pass it on!

The Kindle is the least of librarians’ problems…


The bathroom could become a real threat. 😉

Books and Bumper Stickers

I’m one of those people who tries to manipulate the holiday season and the spirit of giving to be about me. I’ll admit it. I mean, I love giving things to people for the holiday, but more importantly, I love giving ME something. Because who better than ME to pick out just the right thing for ME?

I’m being tongue-in-cheek (not really), of course. But I was getting on a plane recently and saw a woman reading a book and I was envious all of a sudden. And for the nerdiest of reasons…she was reading a book and I have only read the web and magazines for the past three or four months. Yes, I could go the library, but darn it, I want to buy myself a book! Boy do I ever feel like a rebel. (Cue the Dukes of Hazard theme…) I think it will be something by Malcolm Gladwell – Outliers or Blink perhaps.

A little hint: When I walk through the library or bookstore and see books that I might like to read, I use my cell phone to take a picture of the cover. That way I don’t have to worry about losing a scrap of paper and I have the author and title right there.

Another side bar…I have this idea in my mind for some sort of magentic bumper sticker library campaign. Something where library patrons are encouraged to put a library magnet on their car for a month or something to that effect to help promote the library. Hmmm, it’s right there in my mind. All the bits are there for an idea but it’s not coming together. Ideas? Anyone? Perhaps if I drink more coffee this morning…

Books with balls…

on the cover, you dirty minds you!

Reading or in the reading cue (complete with balls on the cover…)

Joy At Work: A Revolutionary Approach to Fun on the Job
by Dennis Bakke

Orbiting the Giant Hairball : A Corporate Fool’s Guide to Surviving with Grace
by Gordon Mackenzie*

The Red Rubber Ball at Work: Elevate Your Game Through the Hidden Power of Play
by Kevin Carroll

*sadly, Mr. Mackenzie passed away in 1999, so, no website.  but his book is BRILLIANT and still very TIMELY!

Book overload.

And multimedia overload in general. My friends are recommending DVDs, CDs, and Books in quantities that are becoming ridiculous. I appreciate their kindness, knowing full well that they wish for me to be entertained, intellectually involved, and well, just happy, darn it. But honestly, sometimes I feel like recommending books to a librarian is a bit like giving health advice to a doctor.

Glancing at my floor I see…

Marly and Me
The Master Butchers Singing Club
The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night
The Painted Veil (the DVD)
Organizing Your Home Office for Success
many, many, many mentorship books

I secretly revel in it, but regret giving things back to my friends un- watched/listened/read. Slight pangs of guilt ensue. But I recover quickly.

I’m reading the newest Mary Doria Russell book. I was hitting a terrible drought of reading ADD, unable to find anything that would really capture me. And then sweet Mary saved the day, as she always does. The woman is incapable of writing a bad book. Awesome.

Reading These…

I love it when I find books that are so deliriously delicious I cannot put them down, nor imagine how I got by before reading them.  There are two titles I will be purchasing for my home library very soon:

No One Cares What You Had for Lunch – 100 Ideas for Your Blog by Margaret Mason
Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds

Read them and know happiness, my fellow tech geeks.