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In Your Personal Collection

Wandering about Chicago Midway Airport yesterday, I spotted the Harvard Business Review Classics series.  About seven slim volumes that cover everything from managing your boss to how to fire people.  Interesting, brief, and informative.

I’ve always thought that librarians need good solid business training too, and while these don’t replace a business education, they certainly lend an understanding to issues faced in most professions, not just us booky-types.

Paper Toys

Hello All –

Been traveling a lot lately and I’ve missed a couple blogging days.

Now the benefit of all this is I get to read all those great in-flight magazines.  Ahem.

Found this site – – in Southwest Airlines magazine.  Lots of crazy paper cutouts – if you want a paper Alfa Romeo or Wrigley Field, you can get it here.  Program idea, people!

The Blue Shield

I have long been intrigued by the Blue Shield, an IFLA/Multi-Institutional project to create the cultural equivalent to the Red Cross.   However, it doesn’t really seem that after 2006, much information is to be found.   

It’s last formal report was in 2004.  It’s last official statement The 2006 Hague Blue Shield Accord was released September 26, 2006.

What happened to this organization?

I have visions of myself entering war torn countries in military fatigues with archival materials strapped to my back and entering national museums/libraries yelling “PUT DOWN THE CULTURAL ARTIFACTS AND NO ONE GETS HURT!”  Oh, and I would look like Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider.  That too. 

The Patron Awards

Ah, I’m sure there would be legal ramifications, but how wonderful would it be to have ALA Patron Awards? A National Competition…it would be quite cathartic for all of us, really…a large scale version of those conversations we have over and over again in the backroom or during lunch break. Like the Academy Awards of weirdness but also patron excellence.

Categories could be:

Kindest Patron
Loudest Kid, Ever
Most Angry Patron
Most Likely to Have 300 Cats
Strangest Interest
Patron who goes to the most public libraries to ask the same question (oh you know who I’m talking about! YOU ALL HAVE ONE!!!!)

Oh the list would be endless. Any category suggestions?

I truly do not believe in dumb questions (odd questions, terrifying questions, rude questions, yes those exist) because that’s what the business is about…people asking questions/seeking answers. Ignorant and self-absorbed of us to assume knowledge we have is what everyone has, so no dumb questions, but definitely some odd ones.

What would the award look like? A big bronzed…wait for it…………..question mark?

Something to humor ourselves with as summer reading, quiet days of summer semester, and closure of NEH grant writing season (depending on your library type) come to a close.

Mentoring Our Profession

I’m going to be doing a program with my buddy E. at the Michigan Library Association Annual Conference in K-Zoo this October.  Specifically, I’m talking about mentorship – how to be a good mentor and be a good mentee, how to forge those relationships, and why mentorship should be important to librarianship, MLA, individual libraries, librarians, support staff…everyone and every division.

If any of you currently are in a library/librarian mentorship program, have participated in a successful mentorship program (doesn’t necessarily have to be a library mentorship program), or have a great mentor relationship, I’d love to hear about it.  If you have had a bad experience, well, tell me about that too…it all helps.

A Prairie Home Companion

Well, it’s not for lack of trying, but I guess I have some variation of writer’s block. I don’t put too much stock in the writer’s block theory. I just kind of write whatever is on my mind, and I usually have waaaay too much going on in the old cabeza, so it’s not hard.

But between the high humidity (even a leisurely stroll feels like you’re walking in a pool) and the allergy medicine, I’m feeling lazy.

The appropriate media for my type of laziness is radio and A Prairie Home Companion (specifically the news from Lake Wobegon) is a relaxing and soothing listen.

Tween program idea…

Check out this free online resource:

Fashion Frog features blank model figures to draw fashions on, lots of free downloads including iron-ons and more.

Neat resource for a tween or teen program.