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Tech UnCamp is going on now!

Co-hosting a tech uncamp in Michigan – I’m participating via webcam from my office in Kansas!

An uncamp/unconference isn’t like your normal conference – a) it’s free and b) main topics of discussion are planned by the attendees the morning of the event.

View Tweets and Information in real time via Cover It Live:

Tech UnCamp 2009


I’m hosting an unConference in June – Friday the 13th to be exact.  We’re working on t-shirts…my buddy A is working on a shirt design, but they will say this:

we are rebels
we can’t be constrained by time and space
we are unlike any other librarians
we don’t follow any rules
we just show up, whenever we want

newbie librarians unConference
friday the 13th, 2008
because we don’t need luck