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Libraries and Food

I went to Mid-Winter in Dallas last weekend.  I didn’t get to attend many events, but I did attend the second session of R. David Lankes’ two part session “Expect More” which asked participants to creatively re-envision libraries and what we need to do to remain relevant.  It encompassed much more than that, and I’m not doing it justice but it’s not the point of my post anyways.

While there, a person in my discussion group mentioned their library was considering serving meals to patrons on the weekends because they have a high-poverty population and are in the middle of an urban food desert – a common combo.

I thought this was especially interesting given the news surrounding the Seed Library at the Pima County Public Library.  The seed library gives community members a way to exchange open-pollinated and heirloom seed varieties.

Libraries as food education centers, food resource centers and community garden locations.  Are libraries a starting point for helping improve food education and overcome regions that are food deserts?

Here’s a vegetable garden planted the Arlington Public Library (VA).

I plan to keep hunting for other libraries with vegetable gardens and food education programs.  Don’t have a lot of space?  Some folks just use a pick up truck to grow a garden and start educating folks.  Check out the Truck Farm movement!

Milwaukee Public Library Goes Social

I love the new Milwaukee Public Library campaign.  It’s takes social media logos and puts a library spin on them.

Check out articles on it here:


Nice job Milwaukee!