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Real Live Librarian Interview!!!

It’s time for…a real live librarian interview!!!!  Where I do a brief interview with a real live librarian doing interesting stuff!  Yaaaaay!

This interview is with Holly Hibner, Adult Services Coordinator at the Plymouth District Library in Plymouth, Michigan.  Holly is co-author of the blog Awful Library Books (with the very awesome Mary Kelly), has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and is the co-author of a collection development book due out this summer (with Mary Kelly!).  She’s also been a library unconference coordinator with yours truly and is a big fan of all things beer.

The Best…answers by Holly Hibner…

Best…blog/publication related to the profession (other than your own…)

I love Michael Stephens’ Tame the Web blog.  http://tametheweb.com It combines everything I love about libraries and technology in a very practical delivery.

Best…conference to attend if you can only afford to go to one this year…
I went to the PLA conference for the first time ever this year.  Wow – it was awesome!  Everything was so relevant, and the speakers were dynamic.

Best…awful library book…

I have to be loyal to my boyfriend Dee Snider, so I’ll go with Dee Snider’s Teenage Survival Guide.  Just kidding, I’ve never actually met Dee Snider.  It’s always fun to show the world that librarians are far from boring people, though, and I do listen to some heavy metal music.  If we could upgrade to “David Draiman’s Teenage Survival Guide,” I’d buy it. (Until Disturbed becomes outdated, and then we upgrade again.  You get the idea.)

Best…beer (okay, you can name more than one…)
Thank goodness!  I mean, to name just one?  I have a favorite style: Belgian.  Well, that’s really a combination of styles.  Triples, for example.  My favorite triple is La Fin Du Monde.  I love a good amber ale, too.  Bell’s Amber is excellent.  Arbor Brewing Company, a local favorite, makes a fantastic altbier called Olde Number 22.

Best…project you’re currently working on (or completed recently)

I made a very impressive, if I do say so myself, Adult Services training manual.  I went to a PLA session about retaining institutional knowledge, so I’m on a mission to formalize some of the things that long-time employees “just know” – but many of us don’t.  We need to track why things are the way they are and how they got that way so that we can continue to expand and improve on them – without repeating mistakes of the past.  It worries me when only one staff person knows how to do something.  You need a “firey crash scenario!”  That’s a morbid way to put it, but if they leave the institution for any reason, what knowledge will leave with them?  The manual will eventually end up in wiki format (probably) so it can be updated and used freely and easily by all staff members.

The pirate’s life is not for me

I have been stealing wifi. But it is going a bit hay-wire and now I am attempting to stand in the middle of my living room with a lean to the left so that I can stay within “very low” signal strength.

I guess I must consider giving up the piracy if I want to continue to access the digital world. Damn.

Now I will press the “publish” button and hope that the signal stays steady enough for you lovely readers to actually SEE it.