Personal Goals

So I’ve got some personal goals for my work on the MLA Membership Committee this year.  Please note, these are my own goals that may or may not be shared by the committee, but I’m just throwing them out there for you to view and tell me what you think.

1 – I want to increase MLA membership amongst new librarians.  I’ve noticed through informal polls I’ve done (usually at the bar) that most new librarians join ALA but dismiss MLA.  So long as they get that uber-cheap membership that allows dual membership to both, they do it.  But then once the student discount is gone, no more MLA membership.  We have to fix that.

2 – Which brings me to camaraderie.  Please see yesterday’s baseball post.  We need to do fun stuff that is not work related, people.  Have you been out with a group of librarians lately?  They are incredibly fun, as long as they are the cool ones.  Eventually we will cull the boring, uptight, overanxious ones from the herd.  (Or just sedate them with the help of our friend Al Cohol) We need to ensure that MLA membership means that there is fun stuff going on and that everyone knows about it.  And it has to happen by region, so that even those in the Upper Peninsula and the northern parts of the Lower Peninsula are in on it.

3- The membership website needs to be easier to use.  We really need to work on the ability to find sign up forms and so on.  You can’t join if you can’t find the form.

4 – Discounts.  When you join, you should get some cool discounts to vendors and stores and stuff.  If you could get a one time use coupon for 20% off office supplies or something, and maybe some other similar cool things, you’d really look twice at the value of membership wouldn’t you?  Well, I would!

Any thoughts on what you would want me to mention at upcoming Membership meetings?


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