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Dear Yahoo!

Dear Yahoo!

I’ve always been quite fond of you. The quirky exclaimation point behind your name. The fact that, while you are a tech behemoth, you aren’t quite as lawsuit happy as some of the other mother f*ckers out there. (Okay, that’s a stretch, but still.) The way my email account has been in your loving care for over twelve years. All good things.

But lately, you’ve been making some bad choices. And I’m concerned. While this diagram is very snappy, it does indicate that you’re getting rid of Delicious. Or “sunsetting” it. That’s a nice way of saying it’s getting the axe. You’re reasoning is that it wasn’t performing. Well, you acquired it in 2005, right? And it’s well known that you didn’t do a whole heck of a lot to bolster it after that. Oh sure, you did change some things…a few features here, a couple of changes there. I liked those changes, they were great. But if you wanted a huge payback, then maybe you should have tried a bit harder. And from my grubby little office, I am observing public outcry that really isn’t bringing you any fans. This isn’t good.

Listen, I get that you have choices you have to make. You’re a big company. There’s a lot of pressure. Stockholders are a$$holes. There’s big money to be made. And the competition isn’t getting any less fierce. But before you make your next product decision, I beg you, as a friend…think about it. People are already getting very worried that you’re not going to have much love for Flickr either.

I understand if you don’t want to talk to me for a while. But I had to tell you that. All I ask is that you give me some time to figure out my options for migrating to a different service.


Graphic Design

I’m trying to learn more about graphic design, which I am not so great at.  I have gotten some of the Sams Teach Yourself books, but it’s tough to find the self-discipline at times to do it.  I found the graphics.com site, which offers some pretty cool classes on how to do graphics and layouts.  There’s a fee, but if you’re one of those fancy people with a budget for education and stuff, why not do it? Librarians need this stuff.  Have you seen the covers of most library science text books?  Hideous.  And how much longer can we withstand newsletters in neon colors?

In other news, I’ve been trying to learn about Drupal which I think will end up being lumped into the same category as Greenstone, Linux, Delicious and Koha.  That category being the one that is “I’d like to try it, download it, learn more about it, finally implement it or become somewhat decent at understanding and using it but I’ve got shit to do and I know there are people way better at it then me, so they can have at it and help me out in a pinch”.