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An idea from Moo Cards


Busy week.  But, check out the moo cards website.  You can pick your designs by clicking and dragging the images to the bottom of the page.  From there you can see the images you’ve already selected plus keep browsing others all in one place.  Wouldn’t it be cool if an ILS allowed patrons to browse their catalog in a similar format?  Then they could simply drag the book into their “put on hold” bin.  It would create a more interactive way of browsing online at the library collection and also just be neat and innovative.

You cannot be serious…

I am in the process of trying to purchase a new Intergrated Library System.  I have contacted seven companies and/or open source solutions.  Two won’t work because they don’t meet our requirements.  One company has a sales team that doesn’t return my calls for information.  Two provided quotes within hours of my request.  Two provided quotes after I made follow up calls reminding them that it had been more than ten days and I needed to start making decisions.  The fact that I have to practically beg for information from these organizations in order to buy something from them is utterly ridiculous.  I have to ask more than twice for a price quote?  You cannot be serious…

Needless to say, the front runners right now are the two companies that answered my requests in a matter of hours.