Monthly Archives: September 2011

Community, Civility and Compassion

I’m loving the new ALA Public Programs Office offering: Common Ground!

It’s a great program that encourages participating libraries to build partnerships with local groups and work together to teach their community just how easy (and how important) being civil and compassionate can be.

As I rushed to tell my husband about the program, he announced, “You’re talking to fast…what are they teaching?”
“Y’know,” I replied, “Civility!  Being  civil!  Being nice!  Y’know, the opposite of when people are being dicks!”
Which may or may not be a civil way of saying that.

I’m excited.  Good program ALA! is

I was testing out in an experiment for work. I wanted to see what it did and how it worked.  Subject experts, take note.  By typing in some key words or selecting particular folks in the social media world (twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds) you can put information on a number of topics in to your own digital newspaper.  From there, you can curate as needed, send it on to students or post it to your webpage.

You’ve probably gotten a newsletter/news round-up via some organization (I’ve gotten two so far) but try it for yourself.  It’s easy to set up and it’s free.

Here’s my quick test of it with key words “libraries” and “librarians”.