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Tell A Story In 30 Slides

Slideshare wants you to tell a story in thirty – that’s 30 – slides.

C’mon librarians – cowboy up – let’s do what we do best.

You could even do a teen program about this – or a computer class with this as the final project!

Learn more here: http://tinyurl.com/tellastory

Great Presentations meet Story Time

I’ve been on a presentation design kick lately as I prepare for my MLA presentation on mentorship. Saw this and thought how perfect – every librarian knows storytelling. Or at least has appreciated it, in its many forms. A fresh perspective:

By the way – I’m a big fan of SlideShare.

Can You Twist?

If you get a chance today, visit Can You Twist? , an online reality show from South Africa, featuring six women authors who craft tales in installments – and their fate on the show rests in the hands of the readers.

It’s a fascinating variation on the usual vacuous world of reality programming.  What’s most interesting is that once a week they bring their stories to life by actually acting out a bit of the story at a live location!  How cool is that?

Check it out…there’s a potential library program in this idea.