StartUp, Ownshelf, Helps People Share Their eBooks

I came across an article today on Mashable Startups about a new site called Ownshelf, which let’s people share ebooks with friends.

The terms of use of Ownshelf imply that the book must be in public domain in order be shared.

It will be interesting to see if people cross the line and share books regardless of copyright.

Have you tried it?  What do you think?

App Review: WikiWeb

I like Wikipedia. It’s a good start point when you’re looking for information. The one thing that has always bothered me (other than the potential for mis-information) is the rabbit hole you cannot stop yourself from heading down when you start clicking links within text.

Well, the app Wikiweb changes that. It provides a unique visual map helping you to see where you’ve been – topically speaking, where you can go and how topics are linked.

I’ve only played with it minimally but so far I like it. It’s intuitive and fun and I love how it visualizes the information on Wikipedia At $4.99 the price could be considered high, but I think it could be really interesting for information instruction. I don’t have an iPad to try it on, but I really like how it works on my iPhone.

Learn more on their website or check out this video:

Social Customer Service White Paper

If you are managing Social Media for your library, check out the free Conversocial White Paper that just came out. 

It’s a business-centric* white paper that talks about how companies should use Social Media for customer service exchanges.  It’s a nice start to a bigger topic…how are you using social media to attract, engage, and assist your library users?  

*Libraries are a business too!  


This is how playing library is done right, people!

A recent post by Amy Karol at Angry Chicken highlights her daughters playing library and how they’re kickin’ it old skool with due date slips and everything!

It’s so cute you have to see it.

Read the comments – they will make any library person smile all day.

Check check. Australia Bound.

Hey kids.  Long time no blog.  I’m headed to Australia later this Summer to check out some Australian libraries.  I’ll try to write you a couple of blog posts while I’m there and get the inside scoop of the down under crew.

A cool gardening blog…

I recently received a “Like” from the awesome folks at the Soulsby Farm blog!  If you’re looking for solid gardening/farming knowledge that you can pass on to patrons or just use at home, you should visit their blog!

In the first five seconds of reading I learned that worms love Cheerios!  Mind.  Blown.  So, I had to share.  I plan on reading for way more than five seconds!  Lots of great stuff there!

If all else fails…

you can promote that your library has a public restroom.  I mean, there are worse things to be known for.  So, y’know, if other awesome aspects of your library (free entertainment! charming staff!  untold treasure troves of knowledge!) don’t boost the door count, consider listing your library’s restrooms!

Check out Sit or Squat.  They even have an app!  Yes!  There is an app for that!