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Baseball Shirts Are Finally Here!

You thought I forgot didn’t you?  No, I didn’t.  Without further ado – baseball shirts!


Why didn’t I put “Library Day at Comerica Park”?  Well, I figure if there are a whole bunch of us walking about, hopefully people will see our shirts and say “Hey, there’s baseball stuff at the library!”

I made a sexy one with the design on the back, but it’s not terribly user friendly to collect money from a group and get the shirts to everyone prior to the game.  But, here is is for you to see – good concept for next year’s game!

Look for other info on game day events in the coming days.  ALA Annual Conference ruled my life for the last few weeks, but now that’s it done…it’s baseball time!


I went to the Tigers vs. Kansas City Royals game on Saturday.  Two of the worst teams in the AL duke it out, and the Tigers lose 3-13 or something along those lines.  (I think I have forgotten most of the game in an attempt to maintain mental self-preservation).

Dear Royals:  Thank you for the master class in double plays.  I learned a lot but I have a funny feeling that the Tigers did not.

Dear Tigers: Nice try.  You’re still my team.  Please pull yourselves together.  There is no comfort to be found in the pitching department.  Don’t make me start yelling things at games.

BUT I DIGRESS: What the hell does it take to get a block of seats for the MLA at a Tigers game????  It’s a simple phone call, is it not? Next season people, we will be at a game.  And don’t you worry – I’m gonna get us on the big sign.  And we’re drinkin’ beer, and we’re eatin’ hot dogs, and if you have kids, bring them cuz we’re ALL going on the big baseball ferris wheel.  And when ESPN pans the crowd, they will see us, each holding up a giant letter to create this sign:  796.357 BASEBALL.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  And if we’re feeling really smarty-pants, we’ll throw in that whole @ YOUR LIBRARY thing.

In the meantime, do the whole ALA Step Up to the Plate @ your library contest.