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Do u txt p8rns?

I’ve always been a fan of Twitter being used in libraries and have gotten a couple of my public library pals into using the tool to keep patrons informed.  Here’s an article recently posted by Startup Nation that provides some interesting statistics on text messaging and marketing.

Your Citizenship Grade is…

Do you remember citizenship grades?  I do.  I got a lot of twos.  Maybe I didn’t raise my hand enough.  Or my early morning, pre-teen angst (‘why do we have to be in school at 7:40 AM???  that’s sooooo stooooopid’) was more than the teachers really wanted to deal with.  Having worked in education, I now understand.

But wouldn’t it be great if we could give bad patrons or bad librarians citizenship grades????  🙂  As I sit here in my very quiet library today (soooooo boooooooored) I had that little wisp of a weird idea.  But you have to admit it would be so great.


yeah, okay, i’ll stop now.