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Chicks rule…



This artful (albeit semi-useless) theatrical presentation brought to you by
my best friend since grade one – J
the Toledo Zoo puppet collection.

This place is a zoo!

As promised, I’m going to tell you about my very cool Zoo Library Tour sponsored by the Wayne State University student chapter of the Special Library Association.

The Toledo Zoo is amazing, firstly.  The library itself is very cool too.  Both the Library and Zoo have been in existence since 1900.

Random fact: The zoo is home to a preschool.  How cool is that?  (Mrs. Smith, today at recess, little Jimmy wandered into the Cheetah den…)

So, about the library:

In addition to a scientific journals and books, it also has a casual reading section:

and an immense puppet section to assist teachers and zoo summer camp leaders with education (this picture doesn’t do it justice…it was a HUGE selection):

And an extensive children’s book collection of fiction and non-fiction books related to science and zoo “stuff”, not to mention “Discovery Boxes” filled with activities, books and puppets that can be checked out by educators and zoo staff!  Check it out…this is just one small section!

Of course, if you’re late with returns…well…let’s just say they have their own special way of dealing with you:

And in an unassuming nook I found a fascinating collection of National Geographic Magazines from as far back as 1915:

The Library also houses a small zoo archive and a scientific video collection.

It’s a great little library!  It is open to the public, so go check it out sometime!  The librarian is only there about 16 hours a week, so if you want to chat with her, be sure you call ahead!

Stay tuned this week for…environmentalism for the non-tree-hugging-types with J & C, Chick Power: a presentation in two slides, and annual conference a-go-go.

A Saturday Library Extravaganza!

Oh my.  Saturday there will be two very cool library things going on in TWO states!

In Flint, Michigan, the Overdrive Digital Bookmobile will be at Genesee District Library from Noon-4.  Check it out by visiting the Bookmobile Website!

And in Toledo, Ohio, the Wayne State University student chapter of the Special Libraries Association will be hosting a tour of the library inside the Toledo Zoo at 1:00 PM!

Ack!  Too much cool stuff in one day!  I think I will be going to the Zoo Library, or as my friend K says, the Zoobrary.  If you have interest in reserving a spot for the zoo, comment on this post and I’ll get you the contact info!