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Little bits of interesting…

Here’s a quick summary of some neat things from the web – all with potential library applications!

Tweet Seats – Theaters are reserving seats towards the back of venues and encourage those sitting in those seats to live tweet during performances.  Totally worth trying at your next large event!  Check out the article!

Google+ Hangouts – A great opportunity to host community meetings or book clubs.  This article provides the top three reasons to use this Google+ feature.

PressBooks – PressBooks is a platform that gives you or your library users an easy-to-use digital publication solution.  When we talk about empowering content creation in our libraries, these are the tools we need to look at!

Turn young patrons in to coders – Thomas Suarez is a 12-year-old coder who spoke at TEDxManhattanBeach.  He touches on an interesting and cool idea for schools that applies for libraries too – download the Apple app development pack and start teaching kids to code!

Lift, Is Facebook Killing Reading?, and Library 2025

Just three interesting notes from the web:

An article about Lift, the newest project from the creators of Twitter – read the article on Read, Write, Web.

And from England – a study that kids are getting more exposure to the written word from the pages of Facebook rather than the pages of books.  I have to say that as an adult a good chunk of the time I may have previously spent reading books is now spent consuming web-based media.  Is this the end of reading or an inevitable cultural shift? Well, you read the article and be the judge.

Last up – chapters being accepted now for a book entitled Library 2025.  Find out more on Facebook.  (Gah!  It’s killing the time you could be spending reading!)

Tell A Story In 30 Slides

Slideshare wants you to tell a story in thirty – that’s 30 – slides.

C’mon librarians – cowboy up – let’s do what we do best.

You could even do a teen program about this – or a computer class with this as the final project!

Learn more here: http://tinyurl.com/tellastory

Chicks rule…



This artful (albeit semi-useless) theatrical presentation brought to you by
my best friend since grade one – J
the Toledo Zoo puppet collection.

Pecha Kucha

So last week, I went to Pecha Kucha in the D. For the uninitiated, using Powerpoint, Pecha Kucha allows presenters 20 slides, with 20 seconds dedicated to each slide on any particular topic.  In one evening, some of the brightest and most creative minds in photography, architecture, sculpture, design, and technology speak.  The quick format provides a brief synopsis of topics and is great for presenting the arts, but if done correctly could fit any profession.

I read about Pecha Kucha in Presentation Zen and as the book states, you can do a 6 minute and 20 second presentation followed by a 45 minutes of in-depth discussion, or a lengthy 45 minute presentation that leaves little time for follow up.  I like the follow up discussion more, myself.

But Pecha Kucha is a bit of an art and to be effective it must be done well.  I think it would be fun to teach this to librarians – it would be effective as a sales pitch at Chamber of Commerce meetings, Town Hall meetings, Board meetings…just meetings.

If you’ve been to Pecha Kucha, what do you think?  Is this something our profession can do and do well?  I hope so…I believe it is boosts of creativity like this that we need!