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Naughty Librarian

NaughtyI once was talking to a librarian friend of mine about putting a librarian bumper sticker on our cars.  She snubbed the idea and said “I don’t self-identify as a librarian”.  And I’m kinda like, why not?

Hey, if you don’t want to tell the world what you do for a living, that’s cool.  But I like to think that it helps the profession and libraries when we pop up in seemingly unlikely places and announce ourselves.

I took The Dude to seeing Flogging Molly as a late Christmas present.  When I was trying to figure out what to wear, he said “Why don’t you wear your Naughty Librarian shirt?  It’s hilarious”.  So on went the shirt.  A couple people came up to me at the concert, people were constantly reading it and I heard a couple mutters of “That’s awesome”.

You, too, can but aside the shushy bunhead stereotypes and show people that librarians aren’t just sitting behind their desks knitting!  C’mon…make a punk kid smile today!


I’m hosting an unConference in June – Friday the 13th to be exact.  We’re working on t-shirts…my buddy A is working on a shirt design, but they will say this:

we are rebels
we can’t be constrained by time and space
we are unlike any other librarians
we don’t follow any rules
we just show up, whenever we want

newbie librarians unConference
friday the 13th, 2008
because we don’t need luck