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Worried About HAL? Make it your avatar…

Sometimes I do things on a whim and then after the fact am not quite sure if I did the right thing or not.  I did that today and I’m still deciding if this is a good thing or not…

I’ve created an avatar that you can add to your Facebook, Google Chat or other social network sites to raise awareness of the elimination of HAL.  The graphic can be copied below.  I posted mine as my Facebook image, and paired it with the following blurb:

The State of Michigan is eliminating the Department of Humanities, Arts and Libraries (HAL). This change could heavily impact services such as interlibrary loan, special library services to the handicapped, and Michigan’s vast geneaological resources – plus many other library services you may take for granted. We know that everyone is struggling during these economic times, but it is important to remember that libraries are providing computers, job seeking resources and educational resources to those Michiganians seeking work at this time. Please contact your representative and ask them to reconsider the elimination of HAL.

I don’t like to be an alarmist, so I hope that the above isn’t too much, but from everything I’ve read, the above is pretty accurate in regards to the potential impact of the eliminiation of HAL.  I’m pretty distraught over the elimination of the position of State Librarian.  I think that in this type of message, we need to hit the “What’s In It For Me” center of peoples’ minds. 

Now we need to drum up a letter that can be made available to the public so that they can send it to their representatives.  Anyone want to write that up??? AVATAR

Baseball Shirts Are Finally Here!

You thought I forgot didn’t you?  No, I didn’t.  Without further ado – baseball shirts!

Why didn’t I put “Library Day at Comerica Park”?  Well, I figure if there are a whole bunch of us walking about, hopefully people will see our shirts and say “Hey, there’s baseball stuff at the library!”

I made a sexy one with the design on the back, but it’s not terribly user friendly to collect money from a group and get the shirts to everyone prior to the game.  But, here is is for you to see – good concept for next year’s game!

Look for other info on game day events in the coming days.  ALA Annual Conference ruled my life for the last few weeks, but now that’s it done…it’s baseball time!

My Get A Job Advice

ALA just announced the Get A Job website which can be found at

I sent in a quick bit of my own advice and apparently the posted it to the site.  I haven’t found it yet, but they tell me it’s there.  Maybe they just lied to me so as to not hurt my feelings.  😉  Anyways, thought I’d share it for your reading enjoyment. 

Hey!  Congrats!  You’re a librarian!  You’re searching for a job and worried out of your mind, aren’t you?  Guess what – you shouldn’t be.  Is it going to be easy? Oh heck no!  Is it going to be fun?  Well, it might be.  But do you have amazing librarianship skills that are sure to delight and amaze?  OF COURSE!  Here are four tips that I hope you find helpful:

Be excited about our profession – now and always – and be consistent and genuine about your enthusiasm

  • A little enthusiasm in our profession goes a long way.  Be truly excited about our profession and the direction it is headed.  You need to be the greatest champion for yourself and your profession.  If you’re not, who will be? 

Walk into every interview and presentation like you own the room and are meeting with friends

  • When you head into that room, no one wants to see you fail.  NO ONE.  When you hear someone sing at a concert or hear a great speaker, how often do you think “Man, I hope this dude blows this thing…”  Never.  Well, unless it’s American Idol, but I digress.  Those people in that room want you to be relaxed – they NEED you to be relaxed – because trust me, they’re nervous too.  Take a deep breath and smile, because they’re rooting for you. 

Never meet a fellow librarian and not ask for a business card

  • It’s crucial to get business cards or contact information from people when you meet them.  Asking if they’re on Facebook or Twitter isn’t enough.  Don’t be shy about asking.  I’ve got a box of 2000 business cards and I’m not keeping them around to be a nice paperweight.  Once you’ve gotten their card, shook hands and walked away, take note about what made that person stand out in your mind.  They have a dog, their a law librarian, they went to see U2 in concert just like you did.  Whatever miniscule detail seemed to give you two a connection.  That info will come in handy because…

You should always follow up with the people you meet by sending a brief hand written note or email

  • If you connected with someone, if they seemed eager to help you, even if they were just plain nice – send them a follow up email or note.  It doesn’t have to be long or poetic or prize-winning.  Say hi, thank you for the conversation, I’m seeking a job, if I can ever be of assistance or if you hear about a job that might fit me, let me know.  It’s not a contrived gesture to reach out to a fellow profession in a polite and respectful way.  They’ll be glad to hear from you.

Even if you are fresh out of library school, you have a lot to contribute to the profession.  Don’t cheat yourself by approaching your job search with a sense of self-doubt.  People in the library profession are generally eager to help and want you to find a job.  And if you meet someone who doesn’t, move on – because you’ll meet plenty others who will gladly help.

Facebook Privacy and Tigers Tickets

I have no idea when EXACTLY the big security changes to Facebook are supposed to happen, but this article was just featured by the YPulse e-newsletter and clearly explains how to guard your profile more effectively.  I think I’ll be taking advantage of that – especially after a random guy from Toronto with a “thing for librarians” tried to friend me.  You know you just shuddered a bit.  I know, so did I.

Also, you’ve got about eight more days to get tickets for the Tigers game!  Shirts (and more interesting blog posts) will be available soon.

Have a Happy 4th!  Take a moment to appreciate the documents that guarantee our freedoms: