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Okay, changing format.

You can just say my middle name is change.

New format.  Yeah!

Me, me, me…

Let’s be honest. Blogging is partly based in narcissism. Blogs are the belief that you actually are so brilliant, witty, insightful, creative (or other adjective of your choice) that you deserve to post it for the world to see and that you are interesting enough that people would actually want to read what you have to write. *

Which in my case is absolutely true. 😉

I’m working now with my buddy K to start a new blog about being a young millennial librarian trying to save money. The generation that thinks they deserve the best of everything immediately is faced with a financial crisis. There’s a bit of delicious irony there, don’t you think? So we’re going to talk about how we try to save money, live on librarians salaries (yes, she’s a law librarian…it just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?) and cooking. It’s incredible how the just let any a$$hole write a blog. lol Yes and two more are jumping into the mix. You know you love it.

* totally stole the general concept written above from an article I read many moons ago. but it’s true. thank you to whoever i stole it from.