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Where Facebook and Blackboard Meet

And the winner of the “Oh my gosh I want to see it in action” award for the day is:

Going On – http://www.goingon.com/GoingOn/index.html

They call themselves the love child of Blackboard and Facebook!  Powered with Moodle and other open source coolness, Going On seems to be the millenial answer to developing online educational communities.  I’m loving the idea and want to learn more.


Apparently every single member of the freshman class did not do his summer reading and now needs a copy of The Lord of the Flies.  And refuses to go to the bookstore because the markup is prohibitive.

So, after checking out all three copies that I had, I only had the book on tape remaining.  One of the kids said he’d take it and when he opened the case balked and said “um, a tape?  Where can I play this?”  And I said – your parents’ car?  “No”  A stereo at home?  “No”

And then I almost said………wait for it……….

“Don’t you have a walk-man?”

I always thought I was so tech-savvy – I covet the iPhone, and I would love to buy a Chumby.  So the thought that there are homes in this country that lack cassette players, not due to lack of funds but because of immense change in technology, really struck me.

I’m still reeling.  (Unintentional pun but damn good, don’t you think?)