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Oh Listservs, I Love/Hate You…

An excerpt from Outlook:

In all fairness, that’s about eight months worth of messages based on membership to about ten listservs.  I have filters set up so the topics I’m most interested in go directly to my Inbox.  But I keep hoping I’ll catch up someday and read all the emails and savor the intellectual amazingness of my peers.

I’m declaring listserv bankruptcy and starting over!

Listserv frenzy…

I’m drowning in listservs.  It’s crazy really.  I need a better way to manage them all…

I’m going to attempt to list all the different ways to access professional information…this is for me, not for you, so sorry if it’s boring…

okay, so there’s

magazines (from the ALA, MLA, etc)
whatever random mail you get from your associations

that’s it? no wait…

chit chatting with other librarians
sometimes there’s social networking sites

okay.  i know there’s more than this…well, i suppose information can only come in so many forms until we really can do vulcan mind-mells or whatever they are called.  How nerdy am I?????