Unique marketing concepts and companies, websites, resources and more.

Of course…there’s always

Wyoming Libraries. – With the state’s multi-million dollar surplus (one of the only in the country) it is turning it’s cash to marketing…libraries, tourism, you name it. If you are active in the library world, then you know the stir the campaign caused when it debuted with a sexy, play-boy-bunny-esque silhouette reading a book. I thought it was great however…the message was clear SMART=SEXY. There were also a string of of other related ads that did not get as much attention because of the sexy girl scandal. Check out the link and look at the billboards. Hilarious…and reflective of the culture and landscape of the state.

Library Communication Strategies, Inc. – The fab folks at Library Communication Strategies helped create the Wyoming Libraries campaign. Workshops, links to resources, you name it, can be found on their site.

Designing Better Libraries – A blog/website that not only provides examples of successful marketing, but gets into the HOW and WHY of library marketing success.

The “M” Word – Marketing Libraries – From Kathy Dempsey and her consulting firm – Libraries Are Essential.

New Jersey Libraries – A list of various library marketing ideas and resources from New Jersey State Library.

SWOT Worksheets and Information from Mind Tools – If you’re looking to do the classic strengthes, weaknesses, opportunities, threats analysis, then check this out.  It’s a good jumping off point to determine the positioning of your library in the broader market.

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