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PB Wiki Provides Classroom and Library Templates

PB Wiki ran a great wiki summer camp this year.  I was a summer camp drop out, unfortunately and did not participate much.  However, it was awesome and very useful.  I was just a slacker.

Anyways, they are still reaping amazing creative benefits from that summer camp and PB Wiki campers are sharing their template ideas all the time.

Check out the interesting library and classroom wikis they posted today.

Wiki Summer Camp!

PB Wiki is offering a free Wiki Summer Camp…you can sign up for it here:


I’ve been pitching it to the high school teachers and college professors at my location, with the sincere hope that they will embrace the opportunity. I’ve used wikis to manage ongoing professional conversations. For instance, I belong to a state-wide marketing and PR group that meets physically but also virtually) and also to plan unConferences and events. ALA made good use of wikis this year for annual conference, which is very cool.

I struggle with wikis because I don’t know what they are fully capable of, so I’m looking forward to the chance to learn more.