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Library Day in the Life Project

Hey – I’m Christine, I’m the Coordinator of Customer Experience for Evanced Solutions.

Yup, I’m a librarian. Yup, I actually help libraries for a living.

What’s my typical day in the life like? Well…

This morning I have a marketing team meeting. We’re getting ready for Annual
Conference (Vendors have to begin getting ready more than six months ahead. In the case of PLA – we start almost a year out…)

I then have to do a training webinar.  (You think webinars are rough – try being  on my side!  It’s hard to fit in all the best information plus attempt to be interesting.  You can only make CSS and Advanced Settings so interesting.  Considering incorporating pyrotechnics somehow…)

I am frantically preparing for summer reading.  Our company makes a Summer Reader software that helps public libraries manage summer reading logs, prizes and so on.  However, that means I start working like I’m on fire in late December.  I need to have just about everything in place by early February so libraries can move forward with their programs.  That means organizing training, preparing graphics, sending out notices about upgrades, etc.

I have to edit the website and add some new slideshows of how libraries use our products.

I’m going to be in an ALA webinar later about e-books.

For the most part, I like working for a vendor.  It’s not a bad gig.  I do miss working at the reference desk and having the satisfaction of looking at my question count every day and seeing how many questions I’ve answered.  I miss the thrill of the hunt on tough reference questions, or finding just the right book for that picky reader who wants a read-a-like for a book they just finished featuring a fictional Amish mouse who comes of age in rural Pennsylvania while falling in love with a squirrel.  (Okay, I made that up, but sometimes reader advisory feels that difficult!!!!)  I also really miss collection development – I always felt like it was putting together a puzzle – where the pieces kept changing every ten years or less based on content.

I talk to hundreds of libraries each year for my job and that’s awesome.  It’s so interesting to see and hear what libraries are up to.  I love to see the creativity in libraries and how smart my fellow professionals are. 

I’m deeply disturbed by the negativity in our profession and the fear of failure.  In causes us to not try things or hesitate on embracing things that could help us find our niche in an increasingly changing information economy.  Yeah, we don’t want to put a ton of money into something and then have it fail.  I understand that.  But we miss out on trying a lot of no-cost or low-cost changes in our libraries because we’re worried what our patrons will think or that the staff will freak out.  Heck, we have to try! 

I don’t like it when I introduce myself to other librarians, tell them what I do, and immediately get treated like I’ve said I kick puppies for a living.  Most people just look at me and then don’t talk to me anymore or ask “why are vendor prices so high?”  (I’ll address vendors, pricing, and why we’re not all the same in another post this week).  Just like librarians don’t like to be categorized as “oh, you must love to read and be a quiet person”, vendors don’t like to be categorized either. 

So, in conclusion:  I’m a librarian.  I’m a vendor.  I love what I do.  I’m freaking out about summer reading.  The views here are mine and are not a reflection of my employer. 

And go to and sign up you cute people you!

TechSoup Digital Storytelling Event

Hey Gang –

Just wanted to send this your way – the TechSoup Digital Storytelling Event.

All the instructions, prizes, etc. are listed at that link, and if you’re a library or other non-profit, hey, why not give it a shot?