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Lift, Is Facebook Killing Reading?, and Library 2025

Just three interesting notes from the web:

An article about Lift, the newest project from the creators of Twitter – read the article on Read, Write, Web.

And from England – a study that kids are getting more exposure to the written word from the pages of Facebook rather than the pages of books.  I have to say that as an adult a good chunk of the time I may have previously spent reading books is now spent consuming web-based media.  Is this the end of reading or an inevitable cultural shift? Well, you read the article and be the judge.

Last up – chapters being accepted now for a book entitled Library 2025.  Find out more on Facebook.  (Gah!  It’s killing the time you could be spending reading!)

Thanks, Bob Greene!

Here’s a great editorial piece from Bob Greene, featured today on

Hurry – go enjoy it before the usual clique of librarians starts complaining that it pigeonholes libraries as places that “only have books”.  Let’s appreciate some love from the media that doesn’t simply have to do with Banned Book Week.

I love that he talks about the struggles that libraries are facing but doesn’t write us off as victims…he focuses on libraries in a way that most in the profession have cast aside in favor of “woe is us”…he highlights libraries as treasure troves.

And the references to mystery novels from the 50s?  Yessss!

Love. it.