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Multi-Time Zone Pain

Because I live in Kansas (Central Time Zone) and work for a company in Indianapolis (Eastern Time Zone) and still work on projects in Michigan (also, Eastern Time Zone), I often send out meeting requests and reminders in my Outlook calendar and attempt to adjust the time zone setting appropriately for those involved.

Last week, however, was a stellar time zone moment.  A few days ago I was dutifully going about my work when I got a gChat message at about 11:00 AM Central Time.  It was my friend S who I was supposed to be having a meeting with later that day.

Uh, Hi Chris.  E and I are in the webinar room and you’re not here.
Hey!  Well, our meeting is at 3:30 today right?
That’s what we agreed on, yup.  Thing is, you send the meeting notice out in New Zealand time.  The best we could exchange that to was about 11:00 AM.
Oh.  Hm.  Yes, sorry about that.  Is 3:30 still okay?
Eastern time right?  Not New Zealand time?  

So, there’s a lesson there!  Watch your time zones! 

Filtering the Internet

now with a new title “Cyberwarfare”.


The Dangerous Web We Weave…

A wrap up by the AP of the “Mapping the Mal Web” by McAfee.

A good lesson to teach those incoming freshman at the uni or the first-time computer users in public library classes.

.hk = BAD  .au = GOOD