Monthly Archives: October 2012

App Review: WikiWeb

I like Wikipedia. It’s a good start point when you’re looking for information. The one thing that has always bothered me (other than the potential for mis-information) is the rabbit hole you cannot stop yourself from heading down when you start clicking links within text.

Well, the app Wikiweb changes that. It provides a unique visual map helping you to see where you’ve been – topically speaking, where you can go and how topics are linked.

I’ve only played with it minimally but so far I like it. It’s intuitive and fun and I love how it visualizes the information on Wikipedia At $4.99 the price could be considered high, but I think it could be really interesting for information instruction. I don’t have an iPad to try it on, but I really like how it works on my iPhone.

Learn more on their website or check out this video:

Social Customer Service White Paper

If you are managing Social Media for your library, check out the free Conversocial White Paper that just came out. 

It’s a business-centric* white paper that talks about how companies should use Social Media for customer service exchanges.  It’s a nice start to a bigger topic…how are you using social media to attract, engage, and assist your library users?  

*Libraries are a business too!