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Community, Civility and Compassion

I’m loving the new ALA Public Programs Office offering: Common Ground!

It’s a great program that encourages participating libraries to build partnerships with local groups and work together to teach their community just how easy (and how important) being civil and compassionate can be.

As I rushed to tell my husband about the program, he announced, “You’re talking to fast…what are they teaching?”
“Y’know,” I replied, “Civility!  Being  civil!  Being nice!  Y’know, the opposite of when people are being dicks!”
Which may or may not be a civil way of saying that.

I’m excited.  Good program ALA!

What’s In The Hopper…

That’s an actual turn of phrase isn’t it?  “What’s in the hopper…”  If not, then I just made it up and if it becomes famous I want you to remember you read it here first.

Life has been awash in busy-ness recently – I could have blogged but it would have all been about wedding planning.  Yes, I’m getting married January 30 – Bless the man who is willing to take on the challenge that is me.  So to spare you all, I’m actually going to blog more.  I promise we will not be discussing the finer points of tulle, floral arrangements, or wedding dresses. 

Here’s what you can expect from the next few posts:

– I’ve got a really cool post lined up about an AMAZING “teen green” activity series
– Pictures of Library Day at Comerica Park
– And an announcement for a new UnConference that will just make you plain happy

I’ve got some other things I’m thinking about but I can’t spoil allll the surprises.  I know you’re on the edge of your seats.  (Okay, not really, but I can dream can’t I???)

That’s all for now…more later, my library people.

Please don’t touch other patrons’ legs.

I don’t care if they aren’t attached.

While subbing at a library in the Kansas City area a while back, I had the following exchange with a patron:

Patron: “Um, Miss, someone left their leg and their back pack near the seating area over there?!”
Me: “Yes, I see that,” I say, as I glance over to see a prosthetic leg and brightly colored backpack.  “Well, I suppose they will come back for it.  They must have left it there for a reason.  I imagine they are here somewhere.”
Patron: “Well, should we hold onto it or just leave it?  What if they forgot it or something.”
Me: “No, Sir, I think we should leave it, that doesn’t seem something that is easy to forget, plus there is a back pack near it.”
Patron: “Well, okay, I won’t move the leg.”
Me: “Yes, please don’t move the leg.  But thank you for letting me know.”

An hour later I looked up to see that the leg and bag disappeared as mysteriously as they had shown up.

Proof that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

Blogging, Not

Hey, what happened to the librarian etiquette blog? They disappeared.  Well, they stopped blogging in December.   I’ll be the first to admit they had their snarky moments, but they were damn funny most of the time!  A good blog stirs the pot a bit and also creates positive conversation – libetiquette did both!  Come back bloggers!  Come back!

Naughty Librarian

NaughtyI once was talking to a librarian friend of mine about putting a librarian bumper sticker on our cars.  She snubbed the idea and said “I don’t self-identify as a librarian”.  And I’m kinda like, why not?

Hey, if you don’t want to tell the world what you do for a living, that’s cool.  But I like to think that it helps the profession and libraries when we pop up in seemingly unlikely places and announce ourselves.

I took The Dude to seeing Flogging Molly as a late Christmas present.  When I was trying to figure out what to wear, he said “Why don’t you wear your Naughty Librarian shirt?  It’s hilarious”.  So on went the shirt.  A couple people came up to me at the concert, people were constantly reading it and I heard a couple mutters of “That’s awesome”.

You, too, can but aside the shushy bunhead stereotypes and show people that librarians aren’t just sitting behind their desks knitting!  C’mon…make a punk kid smile today!

28 Days of Library Advocacy and Tweeting Service

Hi All..

Check out 28 Days of Advocacy on the YALSA blog –

And in other news, we’ve begun using Twitter to provide customer service at work.  People are either going to get majorly freaked out, or really dig it.  Not sure which yet.  I guess the rationale for me is that Twitter is micro-blogging.  And it would bum me out if someone said that my company was failing them on a regular blog, so my bosses and I are just as bummed if they mention their unhappy in a microblog!  (Whether is 1000 characters or 140, saying something isn’t working well is a powerful message)

As for the whole Michigan and HAL thing…here’s the info on that from the Michigan Library Association:

Happy Holidays!

Hey all…happy holidays!  Hope your holiday break is full of food, family, friends and a stack of really good books.
I’ll be reading Twilight!

Oh!  And a very happy new year too!

Completely unrelated to libraries…

But considering it is incredibly cold today here in metro Detroit and I managed to slide around many a street corner a la Jack Lemmon, here is a bit of Grumpy Old Men to make your Monday right…

Literary Maps of Every State

I would love to see literary maps of every state…I happened upon this blog post from the Bangor Public Library discussing a state-wide effort to create a literary map of the state.  Haven’t researched it much farther than that, but it’s interesting…Anybody know of similar state projects?

In other news, my Internet was down for a large percentage of the day today.  I know we’ve all thought it, but isn’t it worrisome that such a large percentage of our lives are on the grid and/or are dependent on it?  The mind reels.  A world without Internet…I mean, how would I get all the most valuable world info, like Gawker?!?!?!

A blog that feels like home…

I like this blog:

I found it quite by accident over the weekend.  For my mult-media addicted, cooking and baking, blog reading and writing, buddies, this is cool.