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Us, but better.

Well, I hadn’t planned on posting today.  But one moment I go to my desk to get something, the next I find myself flipping through the September 15th issue of Library Journal.  Way to stay on track!

Anyways, Lauren Lampstone writes in Reference Backtalk (pg. 88) that earlier this year, The New York Public Library’s Best of Reference committee saw an amazing site.  A presentation by librarians that was “Saturday Night Live meets middle school talent show meets reference – a reference pageant, an encyclopedic extravaganza, a carnival sideshow announcing new and exciting resources”.

And my next immediate thought was – we can all do this.

Librarians are damn funny.  I laugh a lot when I am in a meeting with librarians.  Well, usually.  We need to take our show on the road.  Reference at the mall anyone?  Opening act for the high school symphonic concert?

And we can’t be wonky.  By wonky I mean, using the library lingo.  We need to be quick-witted, timely, and jargon free.  Y’know, us, but better.

Other cool ways of putting ourselves out there in presentation type ways?  What about Pecha Kucha?

I think we owe it to ourselves to brave embarassment and go out on a limb.

Well, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but I think we need to start thinking about new ways to put ourselves in peoples’ paths.  SNL style.  😉