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Green…it’s not just for grass anymore.

So I was able to meet two** of my very cool blog readers earlier in the week.  We will call them J & C.  J & C are married and live in Lansing, MI and are ultra fab and amazing.  Check it out, J has a background in energy efficient mortgages that help people make efficiency improvements on their homes.  He is also on the board of Urban Options.   C is an interior designer and specializes in sustainable interior design.

Over a great dinner we discussed many “green” type things,  but here are some links and notes from my conversation with them.  Feel free to use them at home or at your library!

Great Carpet: Interface makes carpeting with sustainability in mind.  And if that doesn’t make you happy, it comes in tiles.  Don’t like what Interface has to offer?  Try the Shaw line of floor coverings.

A Whole Lotta Green: I keep getting the names of all the “green” organizations mixed up.  But two goodies are: Green Star and Energy Star.  (lots of stars too…)

Still need ideas? Check out the U.S. Green Building Council and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

And a book of course: You Can Prevent Global Warming (and Save Money!): 51 Easy Ways by Jeffrey Langholz

Well, that’s all for now folks.  Have a great day!

**Two of my abundant readership of what, four? six?