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Baseball Shirts Are Finally Here!

You thought I forgot didn’t you?  No, I didn’t.  Without further ado – baseball shirts!

Why didn’t I put “Library Day at Comerica Park”?  Well, I figure if there are a whole bunch of us walking about, hopefully people will see our shirts and say “Hey, there’s baseball stuff at the library!”

I made a sexy one with the design on the back, but it’s not terribly user friendly to collect money from a group and get the shirts to everyone prior to the game.  But, here is is for you to see – good concept for next year’s game!

Look for other info on game day events in the coming days.  ALA Annual Conference ruled my life for the last few weeks, but now that’s it done…it’s baseball time!

Facebook Privacy and Tigers Tickets

I have no idea when EXACTLY the big security changes to Facebook are supposed to happen, but this article was just featured by the YPulse e-newsletter and clearly explains how to guard your profile more effectively.  I think I’ll be taking advantage of that – especially after a random guy from Toronto with a “thing for librarians” tried to friend me.  You know you just shuddered a bit.  I know, so did I.

Also, you’ve got about eight more days to get tickets for the Tigers game!  Shirts (and more interesting blog posts) will be available soon.

Have a Happy 4th!  Take a moment to appreciate the documents that guarantee our freedoms: