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Check check. Australia Bound.

Hey kids.  Long time no blog.  I’m headed to Australia later this Summer to check out some Australian libraries.  I’ll try to write you a couple of blog posts while I’m there and get the inside scoop of the down under crew.


State Library Conferences

I’m acutely aware that I’m pretty fortunate to travel around the country for my job, checking out library conferences in different states. I’ve been trying to find a resource that shares slides, websites, and information from state level conferences and couldn’t find one. So, I’m starting to pull together information for every state’s conference – you can view the list in the “State Conferences” tab in the upper right hand of the blog.

Work has been very busy and I’ve been working late a good bit, so I’ve been trying to work on it in the evenings when I can. It’s slow going, but I think worthwhile. If you have the links for a certain state conference or want to share presentations you’ve done at state conferences in 2010, I’d love to have them. Leave the links in the comments field or email me at christine dot ayar at gmail dot com.

Who are YOUR library champions?

I’m at the New Jersey Library Association annual conference this week.  Like so many other states, they are struggling with financial issues and possible tax cuts.  However, they are running a great program:

The program highlights library champions in the State of New Jersey – both famous and not so famous but still fabulous!  A great idea – check it out!

Green Libraries and Sustainability Presentation

I gave a presentation on November 5 at the Michigan Library Association Annual Conference with the very amazing Christa Robinson and Joel Wiese.  We talked about green and sustainable strategies for public libraries.  You can view our presentation and see resources here:

Have suggestions for other vendors, blogs, books, websites, etc. that we should add to the page?  Leave a comment or email me!

Customers First? Not All The Time…

Mark Henson (Chief Imagination Officer of Spark Space) just blogged about why service oriented folks need to take time to focus on themselves once in a while.  During that time to focus on themselves, they can recharge and often will learn more about providing great customer service.

You’ve all seen burnt out librarians.  They’re mean, surly, and treat everyone like they’re an idiot.  Because, honestly, who are these people that come into a library and insist on asking dumb questions???  And when you’re not trying to dodge those mean people and avoid eye contact, you’re mumbling to your co-workers “Y’know, I think that Janey Sue might need some time away from the desk…”

Mark’s going to be taking some time out to relax and learn more about customer service.  Check out Mark’s live blogging from the Customers 1st Conference – looks like it’s going to be great!  You can follow him at

Hint Hint: Awesome Keynote Speaker

No, not me.  Though I am fahbulous. 

Mike Rowe from the show Dirty Jobs.  Apparently, he’s getting a lot of speaking jobs lately talking about “on the “changing face of the proletariat vis-à-vis the modern-day work ethic and the digital divide”, according to the New York Times and he has a website called Mike Rowe Works, which helps people find technical and trade jobs and education.

General Link:
Jobs Link:

It’s a well rounded site and like most truly funny people, Mike Rowe is an intelligent and thoughtful spokesperson for the cause of worker education and job seeking.  Well, from what I can tell from the article I’ve been reading.

Librarians help people find work, Mike Rowe helps people find work.  Librarians help provide training and tools for people to improve themselves with, so does Mike Rowe.  Mike Rowe is hot and really funny.  Librarians are…er…we’re sometimes hot and usually pretty funny.

Just my suggestion.  Please consider it if your state or national library organization needs a speaker.  There’s potential for great synergy I think.