Jawaya – Beta

I just received an email letting me know I can access the beta of Jawaya.  Jawaya is a search engine search tool that allows you to “record” your searches, then tag the results that are most useful.  That description doesn’t do it justice however.

Here’s how founder Charlie Crystle describes it:

Jawaya is a social Search Network that helps you

  1. save your searches and results,
  2. find searches and results found and shared by others
  3. search and discover with others
  4. and connect you with people who share your interests
I’m just getting started in this and trying to assess how it works and what it’s potential is.  I think it could have some really great applications in libraries and in education.  There are tools that are kind of like it out there, but…not.  And the beta is so new to me still, I can’t say “Well, it’s like Delicious meets Facebook meets your favorite search engine meets your ILS or favorite database. ”  Plus, the beta is still a tad rough (that’s what betas are for, after all) so there are features that are not fully implemented yet.
I’ll be taking a look at it more and playing around as it progresses and will keep you posted.  Stay tuned kids!
And PS – YOU can sign up and participate in the Beta too!  The more, the merrier!

2 responses to “Jawaya – Beta

  1. Thanks so much for looking at Jawaya. We have a long way to go, so please give us your feedback.

    i was just on the West Coast and met with an advisor (she has a PhD from CMU), and started talking about taxonomies and librarians. Our local school district recently laid off most of its librarians (12 I think; I’m on the school board and voted against the budget), so I thought, once we have funding, I’d love to hire some of them to help shape this, especially with some of the work we’re doing to create implicit and explicit taxonomies.

    To find and follow me on Jawaya, search for Rails, then hover over the images to get more info. I’m Charlie Crystle; click follow, and I’ll follow you back. Would love your feedback at http://jawaya.uservoice.com


    • Charlie – Thanks so much for the comment. I’m still testing and playing around with the Jawaya and encouraging others to participate. I will most certainly be in touch with ideas, but I’m going to give it a few weeks as folks start searching and building up the site.

      I appreciate your support of libraries and librarians! And thanks for bringing such a great concept to reality!

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