Librarian Day In The Life: Vendor Edition

I’m participating in the Library Day in the Life project.  You can learn more about it at  Most folks are participating by tweeting their daily activities using the #libday5 hashtag or blogging about them.

I’m a librarian that works for a vendor.  I’d like to clear up two of the most common questions: Yes, I have an MLIS.  No, I’m not a sales person. 

I work for Evanced Solutions in Indianapolis.  The short description is that we make library management software and also have a new product that is an automated materials vending machine.

My title is “Coordinator of Customer Experience”.  Or as my boss says – “Make sure our customers are happy and be the voice of our customers here at the office…”

While there are days I really miss being on desk, I really love what I do at Evanced.  I have an amazing 20,000 foot view of what’s happening in the profession.  I interact with libraries across the US and around the world on a daily basis and get to see how they are similar and different and often watch innovation unfold.  Instead of helping patrons directly, I now get to help librarians help patrons, and I think I like that even more.

Here’s some of the things I’ve done over the last few days (creeping into late last week…)
– met with an elementary school media center specialist to discuss a school wide reading program
– coordinated software training for libraries in Australia
– wrote blog post about summer reading programs in Texas
– spoke to several customers in Chicago, mostly at public libraries
– began the research for a customer experience survey
– helped a library enable a software feature to better manage their room reservations system
– began LITA presentation preparation (October is the conference!)
– pondered my presentation topic for a digital libraries conference in Germany in September 2011 (I just pondered, didn’t get too far…)

Addition: July 30 – I also became majorly bummed out when I spoke to a customer at a library cooperative that was shutting down.  That’s just brutal.  Talk about a pang of fear and sadness. 


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