Kill-O-Watts are these handy little machines that you can plug appliances in to and get a reading of how much energy they actually use.

The Canton Public Library (Michigan) checks them out to library patrons for one week at a time.  They are a hugely popular item at the library.  Read more about the Kill-O-Watt project at CPL here:


2 responses to “Kill-O-Watts

  1. Salem-South Lyon District Library and Plymouth District Library are circulating these too! They are insanely popular with our patrons.

  2. Hi Christine,
    Sorry I’m so slow to get back in touch with you after MLA, but I’m glad to see you found the Kill-a-Watt link on your own! As promised, I have a CPL canvas bag going in the mail to you this week.

    At Canton Public Library, we also have a Green Team made up of a half dozen or so staff members working on a variety of green initiatives for the library. One of our subcommittees is the Earth Day subcommittee, where we plan and present a variety of Earth Day programs for all age groups during the week that Earth Day falls on. This past year, we did presentations on worm bins for the kids, making jewelry from recycled items for teens, composting for all ages, xeriscaping and a showing of the film “Deep Blue.”

    We also have two Paper Retriever (paper recycling) bins in our back parking lot that get filled regularly by staff and patrons, and the library gets a monthly check from the company that supplies the bins.

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