Customers First? Not All The Time…

Mark Henson (Chief Imagination Officer of Spark Space) just blogged about why service oriented folks need to take time to focus on themselves once in a while.  During that time to focus on themselves, they can recharge and often will learn more about providing great customer service.

You’ve all seen burnt out librarians.  They’re mean, surly, and treat everyone like they’re an idiot.  Because, honestly, who are these people that come into a library and insist on asking dumb questions???  And when you’re not trying to dodge those mean people and avoid eye contact, you’re mumbling to your co-workers “Y’know, I think that Janey Sue might need some time away from the desk…”

Mark’s going to be taking some time out to relax and learn more about customer service.  Check out Mark’s live blogging from the Customers 1st Conference – looks like it’s going to be great!  You can follow him at


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