Worried About HAL? Make it your avatar…

Sometimes I do things on a whim and then after the fact am not quite sure if I did the right thing or not.  I did that today and I’m still deciding if this is a good thing or not…

I’ve created an avatar that you can add to your Facebook, Google Chat or other social network sites to raise awareness of the elimination of HAL.  The graphic can be copied below.  I posted mine as my Facebook image, and paired it with the following blurb:

The State of Michigan is eliminating the Department of Humanities, Arts and Libraries (HAL). This change could heavily impact services such as interlibrary loan, special library services to the handicapped, and Michigan’s vast geneaological resources – plus many other library services you may take for granted. We know that everyone is struggling during these economic times, but it is important to remember that libraries are providing computers, job seeking resources and educational resources to those Michiganians seeking work at this time. Please contact your representative and ask them to reconsider the elimination of HAL.

I don’t like to be an alarmist, so I hope that the above isn’t too much, but from everything I’ve read, the above is pretty accurate in regards to the potential impact of the eliminiation of HAL.  I’m pretty distraught over the elimination of the position of State Librarian.  I think that in this type of message, we need to hit the “What’s In It For Me” center of peoples’ minds. 

Now we need to drum up a letter that can be made available to the public so that they can send it to their representatives.  Anyone want to write that up??? AVATAR


One response to “Worried About HAL? Make it your avatar…

  1. I am worried about Michigan libraries and I’m worried about the future of my library AND my job. I will definitely be putting this on my blog. Thanks, Chris!!

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