Please don’t touch other patrons’ legs.

I don’t care if they aren’t attached.

While subbing at a library in the Kansas City area a while back, I had the following exchange with a patron:

Patron: “Um, Miss, someone left their leg and their back pack near the seating area over there?!”
Me: “Yes, I see that,” I say, as I glance over to see a prosthetic leg and brightly colored backpack.  “Well, I suppose they will come back for it.  They must have left it there for a reason.  I imagine they are here somewhere.”
Patron: “Well, should we hold onto it or just leave it?  What if they forgot it or something.”
Me: “No, Sir, I think we should leave it, that doesn’t seem something that is easy to forget, plus there is a back pack near it.”
Patron: “Well, okay, I won’t move the leg.”
Me: “Yes, please don’t move the leg.  But thank you for letting me know.”

An hour later I looked up to see that the leg and bag disappeared as mysteriously as they had shown up.

Proof that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.


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