A survey option to consider…

**The graphics are a bit funky – this is due to my poor graphics skills, and not the eSurveysPro website.

If you’re in need of a free web-based survey option that provides a lot of customer service, I want to recommend eSurveysPro.

Our American Library Association Emerging Leaders team recently used  eSurveysPro to accomplish a major part of our assigned task.  Our project involved trying to survey thousands of small and rural librarians across the country to understand how they build community relations.

 Compared to other competitors in the online survey industry, we found eSurveysPro to be very easy to use.  Upon logging in, the options are neatly laid out and explained.  The site is very user-intuitive in that manner and it was a feature we appreciated.

This is the main page you see after creating a log-in.

The survey set up is very clear and easy to understand – we liked the tabs and the clear instructions available on the page to help in every aspect of sign up:

Survey options were easy to set!

Survey options were easy to set! We began our project as a free account, but when we contacted customer service with a question, we received very fast service and the answers we needed. Once we deployed our survey, we found it very easy to manage.The survey management page allows you to see the status of your survey.

With one click, we were able to change many functions, including opening or closing the survey, change survey options, or generate reports.  The “bread crumb” trail at the top of the software helps users keep track of where they are – in the case of the image above: You are Here > Manage Surveys > Survey List.

screen shot 4

You’ll notice we needed to ask a variety of questions and eSurveysPro allowed us to build the questions we needed very easily.

As you can see, the final survey looked very professional and easy to understand:

screen shot 5

As you can see, the final survey looked very professional and easy to understand.  Our whole team recommends eSurveysPro – the website is easy to understand, it’s a painless product to use, and customer service was GREAT.

If YOU are a rural library administrator, we recommend you take our survey at: http://tinyurl.com/CommunityRelations


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