My company signs with GoLibrary


We'll be taking suggestions for graphics and designs to dress it up a bit!

Recently my bosses have been busy with a very cool new product called GoLibrary.  I think it goes a long way in helping libraries expand their service areas and provide 24 hour service easily. 

You’ve seen the RedBox outside of McDonald’s right?  The ones where people can get DVDs and return them and such?  Yeah, well, that’s what we’re doing but for libraries now.  How great is that? 

It’s cool in a lot of ways:
– The boxes can hold whatever you want – popular materials, DVDs, CDs, you name it…
– You can link the box to your ILS to keep records up to date
– If your library is in need of a branch but can’t afford one, this is a good solution for temporary of long term
– A GoLibrary unit can be put outside (so long as it is under an awning of some sort) so placing it in a rural area or outside a building isn’t an issue
– If managing holds in a secure way is an issues, libraries can also use a GoLibrary unit solely for the purpose of providing access to user holds
and the best part…
–  a unit that can be intergrated into an exterior wall of a library, so if patrons want to pick up their holds at 2 AM, not a problem…it’s right there.

I like the idea alot.  Our profession is very web oriented right now and not very focused on ways to create hardware and physical things to enhance service.   I’m also a little biased, but I still think that in this time of shrinking budgets, it will allow for access without creating massive bills.


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