Goin’ Green for Michigan Library Association

My panel proposal for the Michigan Library Association Annual Conference was accepted.  I’m happy to say the I will be joined by two top notch professionals – Joel Wiese and Christa Robinson – a husband and wife team who specialize in sustainable building and design practices. 

There are lots of libraries in Michigan making efforts to contribute to the green movement including:

Hastings Public Library – they recently installed Solar Panels and have many, many other great features related to their library and the building – they list them here.

Malletts Creek Branch of the Ann Arbor District Library won an award from the Michigan Division of the American Institute of Architecture as a shining example of sustainable architecture.

And libraries such as Canton Public Library are doing away with plastic or paper bags for books and encouraging patrons to purchase cloth bags from the library.  (The library does not make a profit from the sales – they’d rather help the environment!)

So, whether you’re a Michigan library or not, I’d love to hear what your library is doing to help the Green Movement!  What prompted the new green strategies at your library?  How did your staff/community receive the new efforts?  It doesn’t have to be a big thing…even if you just started recycling last week, I’d love to here.  So, please post a note…


One response to “Goin’ Green for Michigan Library Association

  1. Hooray for green initiatives! I happen to LOVE the bags at the CPL, but maybe I’m biased?

    Congrats on having your proposal accepted!

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