Naughty Librarian

NaughtyI once was talking to a librarian friend of mine about putting a librarian bumper sticker on our cars.  She snubbed the idea and said “I don’t self-identify as a librarian”.  And I’m kinda like, why not?

Hey, if you don’t want to tell the world what you do for a living, that’s cool.  But I like to think that it helps the profession and libraries when we pop up in seemingly unlikely places and announce ourselves.

I took The Dude to seeing Flogging Molly as a late Christmas present.  When I was trying to figure out what to wear, he said “Why don’t you wear your Naughty Librarian shirt?  It’s hilarious”.  So on went the shirt.  A couple people came up to me at the concert, people were constantly reading it and I heard a couple mutters of “That’s awesome”.

You, too, can but aside the shushy bunhead stereotypes and show people that librarians aren’t just sitting behind their desks knitting!  C’mon…make a punk kid smile today!


5 responses to “Naughty Librarian

  1. Flogging Molly – cool!! I LOVE that shirt – may have to get one stat!

  2. olah! I’m a Filipino Librarian..I love the it for free? lol ! well, if it is…thanks in advance…!

  3. Hey, I have something for free for librarians.

    My librarian asked me to put together a party planner for our library’s upcoming Twilight/New Moon party. So I typed up a bunch of games, treats, and prize ideas. You can download it off my blog.

    But I know it’s rude to snag traffic from here, so I won’t post my URL. If you’re interested, just click my name. That should work. If not, just google me. My site is called Passing Love Notes.

  4. Heh! 3 cheers! I agree. What’s wrong with a little fun with one of the oldest sexy stereotypes. Maybe it’s because I’m a male? many if my female colleagues agree too. But heck it worked for the firefighters and grannies! – Al Smith

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