Just. Too. Much. Data.

I’ve been swamped recently. Two presentation proposals – one on green libraries and one on rethinking library budget usage and creating new income streams for libraries.

In addition to it all, I’m trying to reign in all of my social networking tools.  Here’s the thing about social networking.  People often say “well, just don’t use all those tools!  Pick just one or two!”  But it’s not that simple.  I’ve been delaying using delicious, but I now I have to use it for two big projects.  I’ve got three Twitter feeds (my own, one for work, one for an unconference).  I’m monitoring three Facebook pages, creating Squidoo pages, building a wiki for a friend, blogging…uh, there’s more but I forget.

So, I’m trying to coordinate it all.  I tried Friend Feed today.  I need to play with it – I almost went into cardiac arrest from the information overload.

I have to ask…if you happen upon this post while surfing your three million RSS feeds, while trying to coordinate your Ning, Facebook and MySpace (ewwww, dirty) pages and posting a video on YouTube blip.tv (or vimeo or viddler or whichever one is the newest one now…)

, if after all doing that you read this blog post…tell me…how the hell do you manage all this STUFF?!?!

Millions of librarians want to know!


3 responses to “Just. Too. Much. Data.

  1. I don’t and that’s the problem. Plus the latest book I’m reading says that it’s all bad for your brain. There you have it. I’m going to become a luddite to revolt.

  2. Google. BlackBerry. Coffee. That’s it.

  3. The Librarian 2009

    I like the new technology, but I agree, it´s too much. Test and use only if it´s a definite improvement. Age and bad memory also helps ;->).

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