Last time I checked, my vote counted too…

While I was at ALA Midwinter, I was at a meeting sitting between two fellow librarians.  Across the  conference table from us was a presidential candidate for PLA.

As the candidate got up to leave, he/she scanned the nametags that the three of us were wearing.  Then proceeded to hand my colleagues  business cards and say “I’m running for PLA President – please consider voting for me”.  And completely disregarded me.

Now there’s a couple things here.  One, I am not a member of PLA, but am going to be signing up shortly.  Two, he/she didn’t ask if any of us were PLA members, he/she just assumed they were and I wasn’t.  Three, by encouraging them to vote for him/her and disregarding me, he/she lost my vote.  And the votes of my peers to whom I have relayed the story with name and gender. 

I’m a librarian.  I’m a vendor.  I am active in the library community (and not because of sales but because I care) and my vote is just as valid as any other. 

Let’s not be hasty and make assumptions.


One response to “Last time I checked, my vote counted too…

  1. You know, when I went to MLA in October I made a point to chat up the vendors and be friendly. Vendors are people too. Sorry this woman/man was so unprofessional.

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