Don’t be rude or I’ll flash my librarian badge.

alternate title:  Why Didn’t I fly Southwest like I always do?

I had to fly an airline I normally wouldn’t take.  Starts with a U.  Ends in a D.  #$&*@ in the middle.

When I was in O’Hare waiting for my flight, I went to double check my departure gate and couldn’t find the flight number on the screen.  So I go up to what I previously knew my gate to be (C1) and I inquired.  The snotty gate agent looked at me and said “Um, it’s right over THERE. (pointing) At C4 – it says that on the BIG SIGN.”  Thanks, sweet cheeks.  Bitchiness duly noted.

And I had had it.  I was tired, I was grumpy.  And I shot back “I guess all those years as a librarian haven’t paid off because I CLEARLY CAN’T READ!  THANKS!”  (oooo…good one Chris.  You really got her.  why don’t you really be nasty and give her a free bookmark too?)  Well, it sounded a lot more bitter in real life.  Don’t make me use my librarian badge, I swear I will.

So, then I went to the store when I got to Indy and bought the Dude a bottle of wine for Valentine’s.  (I don’t dig the holiday myself, but he is very good about such things, and so I’m working on my pro-Valentine Day’s attitude, plus, he’s worth it.  </sappiness>)  I got back to my room and realized that a) I can’t pack it in my carry on (how many ounces are in a wine bottle?) and b) IF I CHECK MY BAG IT’S 15 BUCKS!  I’ve been living in a world of free baggage since I mostly fly Southwest.

Oh cruel world!  How I will get this awesome Cabernet Savignon back home is a mystery.  I might end up mailing it.

Well, that’s all for now, friends.  No startling or amazing library thoughts…my mind is focused on wine and airlines.


3 responses to “Don’t be rude or I’ll flash my librarian badge.

  1. Ugh Chris, this is why I’d rather WALK than fly anywhere. The airline industry is a nightmare. My supervisor and I were just discussing the general rudeness of the world as of late – it’s reached pandemic proportions.

    Hope you get to drink that wine, girlfriend. Sounds like you could use a bit right now.

  2. Very interesting post, good job.

  3. My husband has quarterly meetings on the other side of the state and by the time you get to the airport-early, worry about what you’ve packed and what other passengers have packed, and then rent a car….why bother. He just drives it. No problem, it’s only 400+ miles, but worth avoiding the hassle.

    I hope you mailed the wine. Enjoy

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