Hello from Midwinter!

Hi, sorry for the delay my darlings.

This Midwinter thing has been fun thus far.  I have photos but am having some technical difficulties, so those will have to come later.

First things first – yes, you can tell who the librarians are.  It’s incredible. 
Secondly, ALA only contributed to this phenomenon by providing all attendees with – neon orange bags.  Oh yes.  Best thing I heard all conference “So, what?  You want us to go pick up trash off the side of the road or something?”

Denver – great town.  Really walkable and people are pretty friendly.  My only experience with the city other than conference was when I was 10 and my family and I had a layover at the Denver airport on the way to California.  I remember seeing a cowboy leaning up against a pillar – cowboy boots, hat and all.  And it was forever the only thing I associated with Denver.  Now I associate Denver with cowboys and librarians with neon orange bags.

Mostly I’ve been in Emerging Leaders events.  I am going to have to explain the full program in greater detail another time, but let’s just say it’s newer librarians who have been identified for their proven leadership or desire to lead.  We all tackle a project to help change/improve ALA or some aspect of it.  It’s been interesting.  The energy and buzz in the room is incredible.  I’ve come away with some good lessons (that I’ll also share later – I’m working on a sleep deficit, folks – two hour time change…)

Hmm, just read my post.  If you were looking for constructive info on the conference, you came to the wrong place, I guess.  But I do promise I will be more clear in later posts.  Probably. 

For my friend the Blogbrarian who wanted a fashion report – yes, yes, it’s bad outfits galore.  I have seen more than one misguided attempt by attendees to fit in with the local culture and – gulp – wear very hideous cowboy boots.  However in good news, I must say a lovely trend towards great hair styles and excellent use of jewelry to accessorize.  How else would we all detract from our sensible, ugly shoes?  Let’s hope that at Annual Chicago, YALSA saves us all.


One response to “Hello from Midwinter!

  1. Sigh… I was afraid of that. Cowboy boots and shapeless skirts just don’t mix. The use of tasteful jewelry accents warms my heart, however.

    Glad you’re having a great time. Maybe you could bring me back a neon orange bag if you think of it.

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