Think before you tweet…

I’ve been using Twitter a bit more lately.  Even though I’ve been an advocate of the service for quite some time**, I did not leap over the learning curve quite as well as my friends did and was reluctant to send my personal life out to the world.  Plus, let’s face it, I’m a librarian who works from home…what am I going to tweet?  “Sun is out and chihuahua is sitting in my lap as I make today’s phone calls”?  You’d all be thrilled, I’m certain.

So I was pondering Twitter etiquette recently.  I follow one particular organization on Twitter that tweets so often, I had to cut them off and start only following them online.  I follow most of my friends solely via the Twitter website, so it wasn’t a huge deal.  But when one considers that the organization is a group specializing in women in technology, I would have thought they would have known better.

I found this great article about Twitter etiquette.  And I like this one even better.

A couple things I’d like to add:
~ If you’re going to do an @ response, then make it humorous to everyone.  Craft the type of Tweet that is humorous or interesting even if it might be out of context to the other readers.
~ If you are a professional with a Twitter account, for the love of all things sacred, don’t start tweeting about your personal life.  I don’t follow someone’s professional tweets to hear that they are going grocery shopping.  Unless you are a grocery shopping consultant, save it. 

And if you’ve never seen it, check out TwitterVision…I could watch it all day.  It’s great.  It really shows where the world’s digital divide exists…virtually no tweets from Africa, parts of Asia, and the former Eastern bloc.

**I’ve helped a couple public libraries get set up on Twitter.  They send Tweets to patrons and it really comes in handy.  Program reminders, emergency closures, changes in the NYT best sellers list…it’s great.  When I worked for private schools, I recommended getting all the high school students and parents signed up for Twitter.  Snow day?  No problem…one tweet and everyone knows.  Then they can all go back to bed.  Zzzzz.


3 responses to “Think before you tweet…

  1. Twitter etiquette – who knew?

  2. twittering patrons to remind them of programs. that is great. real good way to get involved with the community quickly. what’s your twitter? and what libraries did you get on there? that’s so cool.

  3. My list of Twitter (N)etiquette are : 7 Essential Twitter Netiquettes [ ].

    Let me know what you think about it.

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