Subway Maps Hold the Keys to the Future

Today I was trying to find an trends map that was mapped out like a subway.   I found it a long time ago, saved it, then my computer crashed.  Sigh.  Anyways, when I went to go and look for it, I came across many, many variations of said map.  It’s not like it’s a new format, but dang, I didn’t realize how many of these maps are out there!  The format is pretty popular with librarians and information type folks it seems, so here are some links to keep you busy for a while…

Pick the subway “line” that you find most intriguing and essentially you are watching a trend unfold…of course, it is objective, so the creator is putting their own sense of value and importance on the order of the “stops”. 

For all those that say that librarians have no way of keeping up with the trends of the profession, here they are…

I found this one to be the most relevant to librarians (but I will admit that some of the items on the map I know nothing about…)

This one is less about tech and information trends and more about life trends…it looks like a giant sea monster coming to eat you.  No symbolism there, eh?

More web trends…

Content technologies trend map…for those of you who are more tech-savvy than I’ll ever be…


One response to “Subway Maps Hold the Keys to the Future

  1. Two things – too much thought went into these and it’s overwhelming me. Second, how the heck did you find out about these in the first place?

    Incidently, I think that I sometimes have Facebook Fatigue (found that on the symbolic octopus one). There are times that I just stare at my profile and it exhausts me.

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