How Critical Is Reference?

Zeth, a member of my emerging leaders cohort, sent this to our listserv today:

How critical is reference to the survival of libraries? Should the
library profession do more to promote reference services? In less than a
minute you can tell us what you think about reference services.

Let us know what you think at:

It doesn’t take long and is interesting.  Please do Zeth a favor and take the survey!


One response to “How Critical Is Reference?

  1. I will certainly take his survey. I must say that I *must* believe that reference is important b/c I dragged my butt to the library last Friday in the middle of a huge snowstorm to sit at the desk. Later on in the afternoon (when the plows finally did their job) people thanked us for being open (four other local libraries called off the day). So, there you go.

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