Random links I’ve been checking out…

Hey All…I just wanted to share some of the randomness I’ve encountered in the last couple weeks…

Check out this great “story time” website – Mrs. P’s Magic Library – (Yes, that’s right…it’s hosted by Mimi from The Drew Carey Show)  Amazing and super interactive.  I sat down with a wild 3 year old and a grumpy 5 year old and they were both totally intriguied by it.  It was great.

OneGoodie – Not really a library thing, but it features one foodie product a day and one parenting product a day.  Sometimes the stuff is weird, sometimes it’s cool.  Somehow I see an application for libraries…like a daily featured book a day or something.  There’s a neat twist there but I can’t put my finger on it!

Posterous – Okay, this one I’m still trying to figure out as I just found it like two or three hours ago while working on something for work.  But it basically allows you to post things to your blog (?) by simply emailing to them.  I dunno…let’s all try it together, shall we?


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